Proven Systems for Building, Marketing, and Selling more Homes

Providing affordable housing solutions, with a unique buyer expereince, is in demand and is profitable. If you’d like to attract more buyers and access the largest buyer pool of houses, connect with us today.

Governments and municipalities are striving to find a solution to the housing crisis. The challenge is there is no singular solution, it’s a multi-variate problem. What we know is that the housing crisis is founded on two key ingredients:

  1. Affordability of ownership
  2. Affordability of rents

The Self Funding House™ addresses both elements simultaneously and quickly! This is exactly what municipalities are looking for, right now!

Great News For Home Builders


We have crafted solutions for building, marketing, and selling new homes. Most importantly, these solutions have been proven in the real world with pilot projects and multiple developers—we are now scaling in multiple geographies.

Our Developer Program unpacks the three vital elements for success, spanning the market, buyer, and product. Hundreds of home builders have been analyzed along with previous accessory dwelling unit (ADU) implementations—we have solved their challenges! 

If you’re looking to build and sell more houses, you need to connect with us today. Become the unique solution provider in your market while creating and attracting buyers. Affordability of ownership is possible today, let us show you how…

A Message to Home Builders