By Derek Lobo and Rod Schulhauser

The Self Funding House

Rebuilding the Dream of Home Ownership

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Homeownership is possible in today’s market—rekindle your dream today!  

Housing costs are not going to lower to the levels that your parents saw when they purchased their first home, and incomes are not going to accelerate to keep pace with today’s housing costs. So, what’s the answer?

Embrace a new mindset that homeownership is possible for existing homes and new construction.

Treating your home as a business by becoming a landlord is the solution, and we’ve assembled all the resources and opportunities you need to make this your reality! It’s all about adding to your income using The Self Funding House™ concept.

Most financial organizations, such as banks, CMHC, and others, recommend that a maximum of one-third of your income go towards shelter. Increasing your household income is the game plan—adding a basement apartment, or some type of Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), allows you to become a landlord and create that income.

Does this create questions, concerns, and maybe some fear of the unknown?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading below!

"I think what you do is extremely important and visionary...many talk about affordable do something about it."

Benjamin Tal

Deputy Chief Economist CIBC

What’s Inside?

The first book, The Self Funding House™ is the introduction to the mind-shift needed to make this work for you. It connects you to the online learning portal where you’ll find tools to help you with budgeting, learning to be a landlord, and much more. Just click on the LOGIN button in the menu to get started with your free Dreamer Membership.

The second book, The Blueprint for Your Self Funding House™ is the “how-to” book. Inside you’ll discover the process for preparing, selecting, buying, and implementing the project of creating your income-producing house—your very own Self Funding House™. Also included is information about how new home builders are implementing this same concept, as well as the unique buying experience we’ve created and delivered to collaborating developers. The online learning portal contains all of the supporting tools, downloads, and videos you need to get things in motion.

There is much more at stake here for you, including a future opportunity of investment and wealth creation…

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"The Self Funding House™ revolutionizes the traditional paths to homeownership and investment, removing barriers and promoting financial empowerment."

Dr. Murtaza Haider

Professor - Real Estate Management Toronto Metropolitan University

Why You Need These Books!


Owning a home may be just around the corner for you, and The Self Funding House™ is your path forward. It is evident that governments are learning to support this type of housing crisis solution, as they continue to streamline the processes that were once cumbersome and fraught with red tape and roadblocks. You can check some of the latest announcements below.

Now your vision of the future can include housing security and financial stability. Our message, once embraced, provides a roadmap to homeownership, business ownership, and potential future investment opportunities. The future is bright and it’s time to dream BIG, once again.

"The distance between your dreams and reality is called ACTION."

Brian Tracy


About the Authors

Derek Lobo

Derek Lobo is a well-established multi-family real estate professional in his fourth decade of success in helping solve challenges for his clients. He has witnessed, firsthand, many dynamics in the real estate market that he serves in Canada, and most recently the affordable housing crisis that is also gripping other countries around the globe.

This latest challenge around the global housing crisis has hit close to home, and as a father of three, he’s witnessed the difficulty of younger generations dreaming of owning their own home. This situation impacts millions around the world, including his own staff who find themselves disillusioned with the state of housing affordability.

Derek is a God-fearing man, never too shy in taking on a task others may think to be too large or unrealistic. He has decades of experience in speaking, writing, consulting, teaching relationships, collaborations, and executing complex brokerage transactions. THE SELF FUNDING HOUSE™ is his 19th book and the first that directly impacts millions, perhaps billions, of readers on a global level. Firmly established as a “thought leader,” Derek’s unwavering mission is to impact one of the world’s greatest challenges—the lack of rental and affordable housing.

Derek is the founder of The Self Funding House Inc. and the Broker of Record and CEO of SVN Rock Advisors Inc., Brokerage and his keen insightful strategies have allowed him to broker some the nation’s largest and most complex real estate transactions.

Now, in his fourth decade of business, Derek’s desire is to continue being a collaborator and is carrying out this vision by bringing together like-minded, talented individuals, to solve business challenges and create opportunities. He is never short of vision, and he’s surrounded himself with a capable team to tackle the challenges ahead.

Rod Schulhauser

Rod is the president of The Self Funding House Inc. and Director of Marketing at SVN Rock Advisors Inc, spearheading the strategy and implementation of sales and marketing initiatives for the company and its’ clients.  His career has spanned three decades and has been focused on what he calls Implementeering ™ —the art and science of engineering the implementation of a dream or vision.

With a focus on systems, process, and intellectual capital, maximizing the results is what matters most—everything is marketing. His work has included publishing hundreds of titles and his latest venture, The Self Funding House™, which originally started as a passion project with Derek Lobo, has quickly become an opportunity to influence progress in the solution of our nation’s housing crisis. Speaking at events, live media interviews, and writing publications have been a part of these efforts.

Rod prides himself on delivering innovative and fresh marketing strategies, utilizing the latest technologies, keeping both internal and external clients wanting more!

Derek and Rod are available for podcasts!